Beto Soto

Beto Soto is a self taught Artist based in San Diego, California working with both photo and painting mediums. Soto has worked with non-profits such as A Reason to Survive and The AJA Project, non profits who cater to empowering the voice of endangered and immigrant youth using art and photography. As a participant himself, Soto has been able to gain experience and skills through these organizations to use in his own work.

"Photography has always allowed me to accept myself for who I am. I feel that once someone see's an image the emotion and portrayal is contagious to the viewer."

Soto is now an Open Places Initiative Fellow through Open Society foundations working on a 18 month fellowship project in collaboration with The AJA project. Soto's project focuses on story telling through photography, highlighting the narrative of DACAmented LGBTQ people living in San Diego, California. Soto was inspired through his own experiences with the DACA program, "My goal is to make people understand the complexity of being in the DACA program while also dealing with your sexuality."

To view the progress of Soto's project please visit the Blog tab.